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Journal Club Seminari 2022

18/02/2022   ore 15:00
AULA C - Via della Vasca Navale n. 84

ore 15:00Alessandro Brin
Bright basal reflections beneath SPLD: new laboratory tests on terrestrial analogues
Bright basal reflections detected at the base of the south polar layered deposits (SPLD) on Mars by MARSIS instrument (a low-frequency radar on the Mars Express spacecraft) have been interpreted as evidence of wet sediments or briny ponded water. Owing to the low temperature values expected at the base of the SPLD however, the presence of briny water has been questioned with alternative materials, such as clay, hydrated salts, and saline ices proposed as the source of the bright reflections. In this discussion I will briefly discuss all these different scenarios, illustrating new laboratory tests on terrestrial analogues.
ore 14:00Federico Manzoni
Asymptotic symmetries in Maxwell and Einstein theories
In 1962 Bondi, van de Burg, Metzner and Sachs discovered that asymptotically flat spacetimes possess an asymptotic symmetries group much larger than the Poincarè group. Since then, the interest in the study of asymptotic symmetries has been growing, leading today to a possible extension of the AdS/CFT correspondence to asymptotically
flat spacetimes. We discuss asymptotic symmetries in Maxwell and linearized Einstein theories, calculating the asymptotic charges in the first case and the asymptotic killing vectors in the second one.


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