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Journal Club Seminari 2020

Dottorato in Fisica

06-02-2020   (aula A - primo piano- Via della Vasca Navale n . 84)
ore 14:30 Dottorando: Jamaledin Baniamerian
"Geophysics methods application into subsurface resources exploration"

Abstract: "Geophysics is based on the study of materials' physical properties like density, resistivity, magnetization (or magnetic susceptibility) and elasticity"
ore 15:15 Alessio Mastroddi
"The Froggatt-Nielsen Mechanism as a Solution to the Flavor Hierarchy Problem"

Abstract: "The large hierarchy in the fermion masses is one of the unsolved problems of the Standard Model; I will explain how the Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism could explain it and the, given an explicit model, check if it is consistent with the naturalness of the Higgs mass."
11-06-2020   (in modalita' telematica )
ore 18:00 Romana Mikunsicova
"Simulating polarimetric properties of GRS1915+105 in thermal state with the future IXPE mission"

Abstract: As a part of es We summarize main characteristics of polarimetry in
astrophysics and introduce the
upcoming Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) satellite. We present our
analysis on simulated observations of the X-ray binary source GRS1915+105 with IXPE
as a key means of establishing observational plan for the IXPE observatory.
ore 18:30 Livio de Fabrizio
"Alfvén Waves in Magnetized Plasmas: General Aspects"

Abstract: Starting with a general introduction to plasma physics, we review the main
aspects concerning Alfvén waves and in particular Kinetic Alfvén waves (KAW), and
then conclude with some comments on a current line of research and its potential
ore 19:00 Francesca Acanfora
What are hypercomplex numbers and how can I use them?

Abstract: some straightforward introduction on quaternions and octonions, their
connection with rotations and symmetries and a link to the Standard Model.
25-06-2020   (modalita' telematica (zoom))
ore 09:30 Danila Stukov
The search for the neutrinoless double-beta decay in GERDA and LEGEND experiments

Abstract: In neutrino physics, there are multiple unsolved problems such
as the problem of the neutrino mass, mass hierarchy and whether the
neutrino is a Majorana or Dirac particle. One of the ways to solve these
problems is through neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments. GERDA and
its successor LEGEND are low-background neutrinoless double beta decay
experiments that use Ge76 crystal diodes as both the detector and the beta
decay source.

ore 10:00 Alessio Giarnetti
BSM models at the DUNE experiment

Abstract: DUNE is one of the most promising future neutrino oscillation
experiments. One of its most interesting features will be the possibility
to study all the oscillation channels at the same time. We investigate how
this aspect
can be used to constrain sterile neutrino, Non-Standard Interactions and
neutrino decay models.

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