Examination Committee Phd in Physics XXVII cycle


Ph.D Examination Committee: Fisica della materia e meccanica statistica  

Member Institution email
Caprara SergioUniversita' La Sapienza Universita' La Sapienzasergio.caprara@roma1.infn.it
SCOPPOLA ElisabettaDip.Matematica e Fisica - Roma Trescoppola@mat.uniroma3.it
Cini MicheleUniversita' Tor Vergata Universita' Tor Vergatamichele.cini@roma2.infn.it
Puglisi AndreaISC-CNR andrea.puglisi@roma1.infn.it

Ph.D Students

MarcoSBROSCIA2012XXVIIAuger-PhotoElectron Coincidence Spectroscopy on magnetic thin films: a study of multiplet spin structure and electron correlationStruttura della Materia
SimoneFRANCHINI2012XXVIILarge deviations for Generalized Polya Urns with general urn functionFisica Matematica
EdmondoSILVESTRI2012XXVIISelf-propelled particle models for collective animal behaviour
JuanBORGE2012XXVIITransport phenomena in low dimensional systems in the presence of spin-orbit couplingFisica Teorica




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