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Presentazione Tesi di Dottorato: Dott. Flavio Lombardi

26/11/2013 - 14:40
AULA 311 - Largo San L. Murialdo,1

Presentazione Tesi di Dottorato: Dott. Flavio Lombardi
Modeling Secure Distributed Computing on a Manycore Cloud

Abstract:The increasing need for performing complex computations has motivated outsourced computing, increasingly common/successful on (potentially mobile) cloud nodes. Notwithstanding the benefits of such distributed computing approaches, the complexity of such systems renders them vulnerable to malicious or selfish behavior. In this presentation, we introduce distributed computing security and reliability issues especially focusing on cloud computing. We discuss the advantages and issues of execution modeling of both applications and virtual machines, aimed at analyzing behavior in order to guarantee reliability and security. In particular for mobile nodes, we briefly survey differential fault analysis and discuss fully-offline payment issues. In addition, the problem of cheating nodes is introduced and possible remedies are evaluated. Furthermore, we describe the opportunities of leveraging cloud manycore computing resources (GPUs), as well as the associated risks regarding information leakage and DoS. As regards data security approaches, statistical disclosure of microdata is introduced and evaluated on multicores.

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