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Invariant tori in exoplanetary systems: from theory to applications

Ugo Locatelli

23-06-2021 - 15:30
modalitĂ  telematica (telematic form)


As a preliminary introduction, KAM theory is briefly recalled
by discussing in a unified way two algorithms, which construct the
usual (maximal) invariant tori and the (lower-dimensional) elliptic tori.
This is made by adapting to our purposes the approach developed by
Poeschel [Math. Z. (1989)]. Therefore, we focus on the applications
to exoplanetary systems, by describing a sort of KAM reverse method
designed so to estimate the (unknown) values of the mutual inclinations.
In particular, some results previously obtained [Volpi et al., CMDA
(2018)] are discussed and the method to improve them is sketched.
Actually, such a new approach is based on a careful combination of
the constructive algorithms described in the first part of the talk.
Finally, we show the first results produced by the new method.

This work is based on a research project made in collaboration with
C. Caracciolo, M. Sansottera and M. Volpi.
org: BIASCO Luca

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