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The MBH - sigma Relation of LLAMA sample of AGNs


07-01-2019 - 16:10
Via della Vasca Navale 84 - Aula C


In a volume limited complete sample of hard X-ray selected most luminous local Type 1 AGNs, we examine the spatially resolved stellar kinematics and properties of the broad-line regions by using ESO/VLT XSHOOTER AND SINFONI data. We aim to understand the physical properties of the hard X-ray selected most luminous local type 1 AGNs sample, which is classified by Local Luminous AGN with Matched Analogues (LLAMA) project. As a by- product, we intend to test the robustness of the parameters, which are used for AGN MBH - σ* relation. Accordingly, black hole masses are estimated by adopting single-epoch Broad Hα and Hβ line calibrations, whereas stellar velocity dispersions are obtained from Ca II Triplet, CO (2-0) absorption lines. Interestingly, the LLAMA sample of AGNs are found to be below the quiescent MBH - σ* with an offset of 0.95 dex. In this talk, the possible physical mechanisms of this offset will be discussed.
org: LA FRANCA Fabio


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