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New Physics beyond Standard Model from Astrophysics

Stefano Morisi

02-02-2021 - 15:00
AULA C - Via Della Vasca Navale 84


The Standard Model (SM) is in amazing agreement with data. For instance, precision test of SM, as well as the so called Cabibbo Kobayashi Maskawa (CKM) quark mixing unitarity triangle tell us that SM is in agreement with data at per mille level! On the other hand, a part of some interesting anomalies in meson physics, the SM lack completely the explanation of some important experimental evidences. The first one is the baryon asymmetry of the Universe, then the dark problem and least but not last neutrino mass origin. Some physics beyond the Standard Model is required. Symmetry principles guided us in building SM and inspired us in looking for new physics. One of the most important and well known example is SuperSymmetry (SUSY) predicting a large number of new fields. Unfortunately colliders (LEP and LHC) have not (yet) discovered new particles other than the Standard Model Higgs. So probably in order to give an answer to the open Standard Model's questions, some different approach is needed. May be we have to go beyond the idea of symmetry form the theoretical side. From the experimental point of view may be we have to go beyond the use of colliders (waiting for powerful new generation one?) even for particle physics. A timely alternative could be astrophysics. Indeed astrophysical objects could be sources of cosmic rays and therefore of very high energy particles: protons, gamma, neutrino. Astrophysics is a very promising context where it is possible to study new physics in parallel with colliders. I will provide some examples of physics beyond the standard (dark matter, sterile neutrino and violation of equivalence principle) and their multimessinger gamma and neutrino phenomenology related with IceCube neutrino telescope.
org: MELONI Davide