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Colloquium di Matematica

120 Years of Mathematics Through the Eyes of the American Mathematical Monthly

Scott Chapman

19-06-2017 - 16:00
Aula F, primo piano, edificio Aule - Largo San Leonardo Murialdo,1


For over 120 years, the American Mathematical Monthly has served as Mathematics' most widely read journal for general audience papers.  The Monthly holds a unique niche amongst journals in the Sciences, as its articles are intended to inform, stimulate, challenge, enlighten, and even entertain; Monthly articles are meant to be read, enjoyed, and discussed, rather than just archived.  The long history of the Monthly does not just include papers which had significant impact on both the research and teaching communities, but its articles can be used as a mirror which reflects the trends and attitudes of not only Mathematicians, but academics in general.  In this talk, I will briefly cover the history and accomplishments of the Monthly.  The talk will conclude with a summary of two recent Monthly articles dealing with the constant Pi: "On Pi Day 2014, Pìs normality is still in question," by Jonathan Borwein and David Bailey;
"I Prefer Pi: A Brief History and Anthology of Articles in the American Mathematical Monthly," by Jonathan Borwein and Scott Chapman.
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