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Journal Club Seminari 2023

AULA B -piano terra - V. della Vasca Navale n. 84
ore: 16:30 Bianchi Lucrezia
The role of Monte Carlo simulations in the characterization of diamond integrated devices for hadrontherapy
The fast development of new radiation therapy techniques led to a common goal: decrease the absorbed dose to healthy tissues without compromising the prescribed target coverage. The only conventional dosimetry is not enough for a comprehensive characterization of clinical radiation beams because the absorbed dose is a macroscopic average quantity, while the biological effects of particles are known to be related to the pattern of radiation interactions in the micrometric scale. DIODE (Diamond Integrated devices fOr haDronthErapy) project deals with the development and test of a novel detection system based on synthetic single crystal diamond able to simultaneously perform dosimetric and microdosimetric characterization of clinical hadron beams. Monte Carlo simulation plays a crucial role in the characterization of these devices. In particular, the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit, as it permits to predict response in terms of dosimetric and microdosimetric quantities such as dose to water, mean lineal energy and LET values. Through the comparison between the simulation with the experimental data acquired, it will be possible to understand limits and abilities of those new devices.

ore: 17:00 Di Palma Roberto
Bayesian determination of the CKM angle gamma and the charm mixing and CPV parameters
We present a Bayesian determination of the CKM angle gamma and the charm mixing and CP-violating parameters. 
We show how considering measurements from both the beauty and the charm sectors improves precision on fit parameters.
The consistency between gamma obtained from tree-level and loop-level processes is discussed. State-of-the-art estimates for the two phases describing CP violation in D mixing are found and debated. 
We present future projections for the fit parameters, interpreting their physical impact.

ore: 17:30 Turchetti Gabriele
Simulation of the radar signal propagation through the crust of Jovian icy moons

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