Elena Pettinelli

Qualifica: Prof. Ordinario
Email: elena.pettinelli@uniroma3.it
Ufficio: Via della Vasca Navale 84 - stanza: 85
Telefono: tel: +390657337088
fax: +390657337102
lab: +390657337021
Ricevimento: luned쬨 ore 11.00 - 12.00
Interessi di Ricerca: Misure geofisiche per lo studio della struttura interna della Terra e dei Pianeti.

Actual Position
Associate Professor, since 01/01/2016

National Scientific Habilitation 2017
Habilitated as Full Professor in Earth Physics (FIS06)
Previous Positions
2005 - 2015 Assistant Professor in the Mathematics and Physics Department, Università degli studi Roma Tre, Rome – Italy.

2000 - 2004    Assistant Researcher in the “E.Amaldi” Physics Department at Roma Tre University.
1998 - 1999    Assistant Researcher in the Neuroimaging Laboratory (Nuclear Magnetic Imaging research Group)- Fondazione Santa Lucia – I.R.C.C.S., Rome.
1994 - 1996    Post-doctoral Fellow in Applied Electromagnetics and Electro-physics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza".
1993 - 1994    Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Waterloo (Canada) (CNR Fellowship).
1997    Postgraduate Course in “Signal and image analysis for biomedical applications” Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome "La Sapienza".
1993    PhD in Applied Geophysics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Trieste.
1988    Degree in Earth Science, Geophysics Curriculum, Faculty of Science, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (110/110 Cum Laude).
2014 Ludger Mintrop Award - EAGE - European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, for the paper 'Comparison of GPR and unilateral NMR for water content measurements in a laboratory scale experiment'. Best paper published in Near Surface Geophysics.
2011 Menegetti Award for Physics, for the paper “Radio wave techniques for non-destructive archaeological investigations”, published in Contemporary Physics.
1993 Gold Medal for Applied Geophysics ("Armando Norinelli" Award, University of Padova), for the PhD thesis “Geo-radar: theory and applications”.
Research areas
Measurement techniques for Earth and Planets internal structure investigation. Electromagnetic propagation in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial ices.Laboratory characterizzation of geomaterials physical properties.
Funded projects
2000- 2001      ARES - (Ares soil Characterization by QUadrupole Analysis) (24 months). ASI Funds.
Team Member
2002 - 2003     TOPICAL TEAM: Electromagnetic and other geophysical techniques for in-situ and orbital planetary exploration (12 months). ESA Funds.
Team Member
2005 - 2007     MARS EXPRESS – MEX, WP1600 ACQUA_EMSS (EM measurement of soil samples). (36 months). ASI Funds.
WP Leader
2006 - 2007    Project INGV-DPCI V3_5/12 Vulcano (24 months). GNV-CNR Funds.
Research Unit Leader
2005 - 2007     SHARAD-MRO (Shallow RADAR Sounding), WP3300 Electromagnetic properties of soil and rocks. (36 months). ASI Funds.
WP Leader
2008 - 2012     SHARAD - MRO (Shallow RADAR Sounding), WP 1330 Radar data inversion. (48 months). ASI Funds.
WP Leader
2008 - 2009     EXOMARS PHASE B/C1, WP7000 WISDOM Experiment (18 months). ASI Funds.
WP Leader
2011-2013      PROJECT: Integrazione delle tecniche di diagnostica non distruttiva GPR (Gound Penetrating Radar) ed NMR per la stima del danno prodotto dall’umidità negli affreschi e nelle murature di monumenti storici. (36 months) REGIONE LAZIO Funds
Project Leader
2011 - 2015     EXOMARS PHASE C2/D, WP1300 WP7000 WISDOM Experiment (48 months). ASI Funds.
WP Leader
2011 – 2012    Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michigan (USA) (12 months) UM Funds.
Project Leader
2014 - 2015    JUICE MISSION - RIME Experiment, WP3300 Science on Europa - (24 months). ASI Funds
WP Leader
2015 - 2017    SMART ENVIRONMENT (24 months) REGIONE LAZIO Funds
WP Leader
2016 - 2018    JUICE MISSION - RIME Experiment, WP3300 Science on Europa - (30 months). ASI Funds
WP Leader
 2018 - 2022    JUICE MISSION - RIME Experiment, WP3200 Science on Europa - (72 months). ASI Funds
WP Leader
She has been teaching undergrad, grad, and PhD courses in general physics, applied physics and geophysics since 1997. She is also part of the Roma Tre training program for high school teachers (PAS and TFA).
Current Courses in the Physics Degree Curriculum: Principles of Environmental and Earth Physics; Experimental Measurements in Geophysics; Earth Physics.
Current Courses in the PhD Curriculum (Physics): Physics of Planetary Ices.
INAF (National Institute for Astrophysics). Society of Exploration Geophysics.
Referee and advisors:
Journals: Science (AAAS); Journal Geophysical Research; Geophysics; IEEE Transaction Geoscience and Remote Sensing; Near Surface Geophysics; Journal of Hydrology; Geophysics Research Letters; Planetary and Space Science; Water Resources Research; Journal of Applied Geophysics; Subsurface Sensing; IEEE JSTARS.
Institutions: ANVUR (VQR 2004-2010, and 2011-2014, SSD:FIS/06), MIUR Programma "Rita Levi Montalcini", NASA, Delft University of Technology, Swiss National Science Foundation.
Undergrad, PhD and Postdoc supervision:
Supervisor of 6 PhD students, 60 undergrad students (I and II level degree) and 8 postdocs.
At present, 70 papers on peers review international journals; among these, four papers published on Science (AAAS). More than 100 conference papers and 3 book chapters.
Bibliometric Parameters (19 July 2019)
SCOPUS: Citations: 1364, H-index: 20
GOOGLE SCHOLAR: Citations: 2017, H-index: 23


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