Mario De Vincenzi

Qualifica: Prof. Ordinario
Ufficio: Via della Vasca Navale 84 - stanza: 41
Telefono: tel: +390657337208
fax: +390657337102
Interessi di Ricerca: Fisica delle Particelle Elementari

 Mario De Vincenzi has carried out its scientific activity in the field of fundamental experimental physics. His principal interest was devoted to the study of the particle detectors. It has begun working in the field of the particle accelerators (CERN) and subsequently he converted to the astroparticle physics. Initially he was involved in the physics of heavy quarks, participating to experiments that measured the mean life time of the D mesons (neutral and charged) and the cross section of collision of B mesons production . The experiment was: NA1, WA75 and WA78- (CERN). The interest to the instrumentation was devoted to the study of the problem of compensation in hadronic calorimetry. In 1985 he joins MACRO experiment at GranSasso (Italy), contributing to the detector design and data analysis. From 1998 he began to study the advantages of EAS detection at high altitude. He contributed to write the ARGO-YBJ proposal and he was involved in the project and the design of this detector. 
Currently he is involved in the Dark Side experiment dedicated to the search for dark matter.


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